Cumann Luthchleas Gael




1.   In these Rules:-


“The G.A.A.” means the National Governing Organisation for the preservation and promotion of Gaelic Games and pastimes, known as the Gaelic Athletic Association.


“The Club” means the Club has set out in Rule 2 hereof.


“The Official Guide” means the Official Guide of the G.A.A.


“Executive Committee” means Officers and ordinary Committee Members together.


“Secretary” means the Secretary for the time being, or any person appointed to perform the duties of the Secretary of the Club.


“Real Property” means the property of the Club of an immovable nature, comprising any Playing Pitches, Grounds or Buildings, whether of Leasehold or Freehold tenure, with all Fixtures or Fittings attached thereto and used therewith.


“Personal Property” means the property of the Club of a movable nature, comprising all Playing or Sporting equipment of the Club, as well as all Stock in Trade and Money or other Assets of the Club not already classified as fixtures or fittings on “Real Property” as heretofore defined.


Words importing the singular number only, include the plural number and vice versa, and words importing the masculine gender only, also include the feminine and vice versa.




2.   The official Name of the Club shall be AN CUMANN LUTHCHLEAS GAEL   SLIABH RUA the English version of which shall be Slieverue G.A.A. Club.




3.1   The Objects of the Club shall be the promotion of the aims of the G.A.A as   outlined in the Official Guide.


3.2   The Membership, Income and Property of the Club shall be dedicated to and   applied solely towards the promotion of the objects.




4.   The Club Colours shall be Black and Amber.



•  A   There shall be three types of Membership of the Club:-

•  B   FULL Membership may be granted to persons, who have reached the age of   eighteen years, subscribe to and undertake to further the aims and objects of the   Club and the G.A.A.

5.1C   YOUTH Membership may be granted to persons, not having reached the age of   eighteen years, who subscribe to and undertake to further the aims and objects of   the Club and the G.A.A.

5.1D   HONORARY Membership may be granted to persons, who have reached the age   of eighteen years, have rendered exceptional service to the Club or the games or   activities of the G.A.A. An Honorary Member shall have the rights of a Full   Member, but shall be exempt from paying the Club's Annual Membership Fee.

•    Full Members (including Honorary Members) and Youth Members of the Club   will also become Members of the G.A.A.

•    Once granted, Full Membership of the Club and the G.A.A. shall continue for life,   unless the member has been expelled or his resignation in writing has been   accepted, in accordance with this Constitution and Rules of the Official Guide.

•    The rights of any member of the Club shall be conditional upon the member   complying with the provisions of this Constitution and Rules and the Official   Guide, including payment of any annual membership fee and levies.

•    Such rights may be withheld, restricted or suspended in accordance with this   Constitution and Rules and the Official Guide.

•    Any person seeking admission as a Member of any Class of Membership, other   than Honorary, shall complete and sign a prescribed Application Form, which   must be returned to the Secretary together with prescribed fee.

•    An Application for Full Membership must be in the prescribed form signed by the   Applicant and proposed by one Full Member and Seconded by another Full   Member who are not suspended or disqualified under this constitution and Rules   or the Official Guide.

•    An Application for Youth Membership must be in the Prescribed Form signed by   the Applicant and one of his parents or Guardians, as well as being proposed by   one Full Member and seconded by another Full Member, who are not suspended   or disqualified under this Constitution and Rules of the Official Guide.

5.9   If and when the Application for Membership has been accepted by the Executive   Committee the new Member's particulars shall be forwarded by the Club   Secretary to the County Secretary or other designated Officer for submission to   the Central Council of the G.A.A for registration and allocation of a personal   membership number.

5.10 A   The Executive Committee shall have the power to investigate any matter, and to   expel, suspend, warn, fine or disqualify Members from Club activities for breach   of this Constitution and Rules or the Official Guide or for conduct considered to   have discredited or harmed the Club or the G.A.A.


5.10 B Such Persons, if Full Members (including Honorary Members) or Youth   Members, shall have the right to appeal to the Management Committee of the   County committee of the G.A.A., within seven days of being notified of such   decision.

5.10 C   Unless the offence is brought to the notice of the County Committee of the   G.A.A. by the Club, and that body, having considered the merits of the case and   having regard to the rights of the player or member, confirms the penalty   imposed, the member continues to be a legal member of the Association and is   suspended from Club activities only.




6.1   The Annual Subscription to be paid by members of the Club shall be determined   by the Executive Committee and ratified at the Annual General Meeting.

6.2   The determined Annual Subscription shall be payable on election and there after   annually, in advance of the date and in the manner decided by the Executive   Committee. The date set shall be a date prior to April 1 st each year.




7.1   The business and affairs of the Club shall be under the management of the   Executive Committee, and it shall be the controlling body of the Club.

7.2   The Executive Committee shall be comprised of the Chairman, Vice-Chairman,   Treasurer, Secretary, Registrar, one Players' Representative, and at least five   other Full Members.

7.3   Nominations to serve on the Executive Committee shall be by any two Full   Members whose membership fees are paid up to date in accordance with Rule   6.2 and who are not suspended or disqualified under this constitution and Rules or   the Official Guide.

7.4   The Players' Representative shall have participated as a player for the Club within   the previous 48 weeks.

7.5   The Executive Committee including the Players' Representative shall be elected   by the Full Members present, entitled to vote and voting at the Annual General   Meeting.

7.6   Only Full Members, who's Membership Fees are paid up to date in accordance   with Rule 6.2 and who are not suspended or disqualified under this Constitution   or Rules or the Official Guide shall be eligible for election to the Executive   Committee.

7.7   The outgoing Executive Committee shall conduct the Annual General Meeting.

7.8   The Executive Committee shall hold office until the conclusion of the following   Annual General Meeting.

7.9   The Executive Committee shall meet a least once each quarter, and four members   present shall constitute a quorum at a meeting of the Executive Committee.

7.10   The Chairman, when present, shall preside over all meetings of the Executive   Committee; in his absence, the Vice-Chairman shall preside.

7.11   If both the Chairman and the Vice-Chairman are absent, the Committee shall elect   a member present to preside at the Meeting.

7.12   The Secretary shall record the Minutes of each Meeting.

7.13   The Minutes shall specify the date of the Meeting, those present, and a brief   account of the Meeting, and shall be read to the next Meeting.

7.14   Such Minutes, if agreed as being accurate or having been appropriately amended,   shall be signed by the Chairman and Secretary, having been first proposed and   adopted.

7.15   The Executive Committee shall have the sole right to appoint Sub-Committees, as   required.

7.16   The Executive Committee shall define the duties of such Sub-Committees, and   retain control in all matters and activities which it considers of importance to the   general welfare of the Club, including the disposal of any funds in the hands of   such Sub-Committees.

7.17   The Executive Committee shall have power to nominate the Chairman of such   Sub-Committees.

7.18   The Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer of the Executive   Committee shall be ex-officio members of all Sub-Committees.

7.19   The Executive Committee shall have power from time to time to make, alter and   repeal all such Regulations as they deem necessary, expedient or convenient for   the proper conduct and management of the Club, and in particular, but not   exclusively, they may by such regulations set out:-

  (a)   The terms and conditions upon which guests, children of members of the       Club and visitors shall be permitted to use the premises and property of       the Club,

  (b)   The times of opening and closing the Pavilion Grounds and Premises of       the Club, or any part thereof;

  (c)   The conduct of members of the Club in relation to one another;

  (d)   The setting aside of the whole or any part or parts of the Club's premises       for any particular time or times, or for any particular purpose or purposes;

  (e)   The imposition of fines for the breach of any of the Club Rules or         Regulations.

  (f)   And generally all such matters as are commonly the subject matter of the       Club Rules.

7.20   The Executive Committee shall adopt such means as they deem sufficient, to   bring to the notice of members of the Club all such Regulations and all alterations   and repeals.

7.21   All such regulations so long as they shall be in force, shall be binding upon all   members of the Club, provided nevertheless that no Regulations shall be   inconsistent with or shall affect or repeal anything contained in this Constitution   and Rules or the Official Guide, and that any Regulations may be set aside by a   special resolution of a General Meeting of the Club.

7.22   Each Full Member shall have the right to be heard by the Executive Committee   upon any complaint or representation sent by him, in writing, to the Secretary.



7.23   A Special meeting of the Executive Committee may be called

  (a)   by the Secretary or

  (b)   by the Secretary, for a date not more than seven days from the date of the       receipt by him or her of a requisition duly signed by four members of the       Executive Committee.

  (c)   Such requisition shall set out the purpose for which the special meeting is       required.

7.24   Any Member of the Executive Committee who shall have absented himself from   three consecutive meetings, without reasonable explanation, shall be deemed to   have resigned from the Executive Committee.

7.25   Should any Member of the Executive Committee resign, be deemed to have   resigned, or his position otherwise lapse, the remaining members of the Executive   Committee shall, at their discretion, have the power to fill the vacancy, by co-   opting a replacement from the body of the Full Membership.

7.26   The service of any Member so co-opted on to the Executive Committee shall not   be reckoned in calculating the seniority of such Member, if subsequently elected   to serve on the Executive Committee.




•  THE Club shall in each year hold a general meeting as its Annual General Meeting, in addition to any other General Meetings in that year, and shall specify the meeting as such in the notice calling it.

•  All general Meetings, other than Annual General Meetings, shall be called Special General Meetings.

•  An Annual General Meeting shall be held at such time as shall be decided upon by the Executive Committee, but insofar as is practical shall be held before the end of November each year.

•  The following business shall be transacted at the Annual General Meeting:-

•  Adoption of Standing Orders

•  Minutes of previous Annual General Meeting

•  Consideration of the Annual Report submitted by the Secretary

•  Consideration of the Financial Statements including the Report of the Accountant(s) or Auditor(s)

•  The Chairman's Address

•  Election of Officers and Members of the Executive Committee.

•  Motion's

•  Other Business


•  A   The Annual General meeting of the Club shall be called in the following manner:-

8.5 B   The Executive Committee shall decide upon a date, time and place for the   meeting.

•    In the event of the number of Nominees for any particular Executive Committee   position being equal to or less than the number of positions to be filled, such   Nominees shall be declared elected, and any positions left unfilled, due to the lack   of Nominees or Nominees withdrawing, shall be filled by the new Executive   Committee, as soon as practical after the Annual General Meeting.

•    A Special General Meeting may be called by the Executive Committee at any   time.

•    No other business, outside that specified in the Notice, shall be transacted at a   Special General Meeting.

•    No Business shall be transacted at any General Meeting unless a quorum of   members is present at the time when the meeting proceeds to business. Save as   herein otherwise provided, twenty per cent of Full Members eligible to vote shall   be a quorum at a General Meeting.

•  The Chairman, and failing him the Vice-Chairman, shall preside as Chairman at   every General Meeting of the Club.

•  If there is no such Chairman, or if at any meeting he is not present within thirty   minutes after the time appointed for the holding of the meeting, the members then   present shall choose someone of their number who is a member of the Executive   Committee to be Chairman of the meeting, and if there shall be no Member of the   Executive Committee present, then the members shall elect any one of their   number to be Chairman of the Meeting.




•  Only Full Members, whose membership fees are paid up to date in accordance with Rule 6.2 and who are not suspended or disqualified under this Constitution and Rules or the Official Guide, shall be eligible to vote at a General Meeting.

•  A Chairman of a General Meeting, Executive Committee meeting or any Sub-Committee meeting shall, in the event of a tie, whether on a show of hands or on a ballot, have a casting vote in addition to his vote as a member, other than for the election to any position, when the outcome in the event of a tie shall be decided by lot.

•  At any general Meeting a resolution put to the vote of the meeting shall be decided on the show of hands, unless, before or on the declaration of the result of the show of hands, a ballot is demanded:-

•  by the Chairman

•  by at least five members present and entitled to vote.

•  Unless a ballot is so demanded, a declaration by the Chairman that a resolution has on the show of hands been carried, or carried unanimously, or by a particular majority, or lost, shall be final, and an entry to that effect in the book containing the minutes of proceedings of the Club shall be conclusive evidence of the fact, without proof of the number or proportion of the vote in favour of or against such resolution.

•  If a ballot is so demanded, the same shall be taken in such manner as the Chairman directs, and the result of the ballot shall be deemed to be the decision of the meeting at which the ballot was demanded.

•  A Secret Ballot shall be carried out to decide the result of any contest for any elective position.





•  The Club shall have power to acquire, hold and develop, sell, lease, mortgage charge, exchange or sell Real and Personal Property, and to borrow or raise money in promotion of the objects of the Club, subject to the overall authority of the Central Council of the G.A.A.

•  The Real Property shall not be leased, mortgaged, charged, exchanged, sold, conveyed, transferred or otherwise dealt with without the consent of the Central Council of the G.A.A., or as may be set out in any separate Declaration of Trust.

•  The Real Property, including the proceeds of sale thereof until otherwise directed by the Club, shall be vested in five full members of the G.A.A. as trustees, who shall hold same in trust for the Club.

•  In the case of the appointment of the Trustees of the Real Property, the Executive Committee shall select three persons, who shall then be appointed by the Chairman for the time being as Trustees, and the Chairman for the time being of the Provincial Council of the G.A.A. and the Chairman for the time being of the County Committee of the G.A.A. shall each, as required, appoint one other Trustee.

•  The Trustees shall hold office until the retirement or death, unless replaced in accordance with Rule 43, Official Guide.

•  By way of acceptance of their appointment the Trustees of the Real Property shall sign a Declaration of Trust, as approved by Central Council of the G.A.A., and which shall contain the provisions for appointment, removal and replacement of Trustees as well as regulating the conduct of the Trustees in performing their duties and exercising their powers under the trust.

•  The Trustees of the Real Property, having first obtained the consent of the Central Council of the G.A.A. where necessary, shall exercise their powers and perform their duties as directed by the Club from time to time.

•  The Directive of the Club shall be given by a resolution of the full members of the Club passed by a majority of the members present and voting at a duly convened General Meeting and when so passed shall be binding upon all members of the Club.

•  A Certificate signed by the Secretary shall, in favour of any person relying on same, be conclusive evidence that a Directive, complying in all respects with the provisions of this Rule, was duly given to the Trustees.

•  The Personal Property shall be vested in the Chairman, Treasurer and Secretary who shall hold same in Trust for the Club.

•  The Trustees of the Personal Property shall invest and use such property in accordance with the Directives of the Executive Committee, of which an entry in the Minute book shall be conclusive evidence.

•  The Club shall indemnify and save harmless its Trustees in respect of any loss or expenses bona fide incurred by them in or about the execution of the Trust.







•  The Executive Committee shall open a Bank Account or Accounts with an approved Bank on behalf of the Club, and all cheques drawn on the said account shall be signed by the Treasurer and countersigned by one of either the Chairman or Secretary.

•  The Executive Committee shall cause proper Books of Account to be kept in respect of:-

•  All sums of money received and expended by the Club, and the matters in respect of which such receipts and expenditures take place; and

•  All Sales and Purchases of goods by the Club; and

•  The Assets and Liabilities of the Club.

11.3   The Books of Account shall be kept at such place or places as the Executive   Committee shall think fit, and shall at all reasonable times be open to the   inspection of the members of the Executive Committee.

11.4   The Executive Committee shall from time to time determine whether and to what   extent and at what times and places, and under what conditions and regulations,   the Accounts and Books of the Club, or any of them shall be open to the   inspection of Full Members of the Club not being an Executive Committee   member, and no member (not being an Executive Committee Member) shall have   any right of inspection of any Account or Book or document of the Club except as   authorised by the Executive Committee.

11.5   An independent suitably qualified Person or Persons shall be appointed as   Accountant(s) or as Auditor(s) (if an Audit is deemed appropriate by the   Executive Committee) to Report on the Financial Statements of the Club, for   presentation at the Annual General Meeting.

11.6   The Books and Accounts of the Club shall be presented to such Accountant(s) or   Auditor(s) by the Committee in sufficient time to enable the Report of such   Accountant(s) or Auditor(s) to be available and considered at the Annual General   Meeting of the Club.

11.7   The Financial Statements shall be approved by the Executive Committee, and   signed by two of three Officers – Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer - on behalf of   the Executive Committee.

11.8   The Executive Committee shall cause to be prepared and laid before the Annual   General Meeting an Account of Income and Expenditure and a Balance Sheet   made up to a date not more than six months before such meeting.

11.9   The Balance Sheet and Accounts of the Club shall be made available to the   Revenue Commissioners, on request.

11.10   All Books of Account, including all documents, vouchers, statements and notes,   as well as all minute books, notes of meetings, original and copy correspondence   and all such documents, are the property of the Club, and no person shall have   any personal title to or interest in such documents to the exclusion of the Club.

11.11   The club executive shall define the End of the Financial Year of the Club.





12.1   No portion of the Income and Property of the club shall be paid or transferred   directly or indirectly by way of profit, dividend, bonus or otherwise howsoever to   the Members of the Club.

12.2   No Officer shall be appointed to any Office within the Club paid by salary or fees,   or receive any remuneration or other benefit in money or money's worth from the   Club in respect of such Officer, provided however nothing shall prevent any   payment in good faith by the Club of:-

  (a)   reasonable and proper remuneration to any Member or Officer of the Club       for any services rendered to the Club (other than as an Officer);

  (b)   reasonable and proper remuneration to any company of which a Member       or Officer of the Club is a director or shareholder, for any services         rendered to the Club;

  (c)   interest at a rate not exceeding 5% per annum on money lent by Officers       or other Members of the Club to the Club;

  (d)   reasonable and proper rent for premises demised and let by Officers or       other Members of the club (including any Officer) to the Club;

  (e)   reasonable and proper out of pocket expenses incurred by any Officer in       connection with their attendance to any matter affecting the Club;




•  A resolution to Wind Up a Club shall be passed only at a General Meeting, specially summoned for the purpose of such resolution, if supported by not less than three-fourths of those present and entitled to vote.

•  Any decision to Wind Up a club shall be subject to the approval of the County Committee .

•  If upon such Winding Up, there remains, after the satisfaction of all its debts and liabilities, any property whatever, the same shall not be paid or distributed amongst the members, but the Trustees shall continue to hold same in trust for the appropriate County Committee of the G.A.A., to be used or disposed of as such County Committee shall direct, but shall in no instance pay or distribute such property amongst Officers, Members or Employees of the Club.




•  Additions to and Amendments of this Constitution and Rules may be made at an Annual General Meeting or at a Special General Meeting called for that purpose, providing that the Resolution proposing same is carried by a vote of two-thirds of the members present and voting, that same do not conflict with the Official Guide.

•  Where appropriate, no Addition or Amendments shall be made to or in the provision of the Main Object(s) (3), Income and Property (12) and the Winding-Up Clauses (13) in this Constitution and Rules for the time being in force, unless the same shall have been previously approved, in writing, by the Revenue Commissioners.



•  This Constitution and Rules shall be read in conjunction with and subject to the Official Guide.





•  The Executive Committee shall be the sole authority for the Interpretation of these Club Constitution and Rules (with the exception of Rule 5.10 (a), 5.10 (b) and 5.10 (c), ) and of any bye-laws and regulations made herein; and the decision of the Executive Committee upon any question of interpretation, or upon any matter affecting the Club and not provided for, shall be final and binding on the members, subject to appeal to the Management Committee of the County Committee in accordance with provisions of Rule 5.10 (b) and shall not under any circumstances be subject to appeal to any Court of Law.






•  A Notice may be given by the Club to any Member either personally or by sending it by post or electronically to him at his last known address.

•  Where a Notice is sent by post, service of this Notice shall be deemed to be effected by properly addressing, prepaying and posting a letter containing the Notice, and shall be deemed to have been effected at the time which the letter would be delivered in the ordinary course of post.

•  The failure to give notice of any meeting or the non-receipt of notice of a meeting by any person entitled to receive notice shall not invalidate the proceedings at that meeting.

•  The Constitution and Rules shall be taken as an amendment of and in substitution for any existing Constitution and Rules of Slieverue G.A.A. Club as of the 23rd November 2007.






•    Should uphold the general rules of the club

•    Should always aim to be present well before appointed times for matches and   training.

18.3   Mentors must be fully paid members before being permitted to participate in club   activities.

18.4   Should not condone physical or verbal abuse of players and referee, from your   own team, opposition team, and opposition mentors.

18.5   Should not spend any amount of time with children alone away from others.

18.6    Should not take children to your home or take children on journeys alone in your   car.

18.7    Should coach by example and encourage sportsmanship and fair play on the field   of play among all players.

18.8    Should ensure that sufficient time and attention is given to less talented players.

18.9    Should try to ensure that training is an enjoyable experience for the players.

18.10    Should not put too much emphasis on results.

18.11   Should not take sessions alone.

18.12   Should not rebuke a child for making a mistake, always encourage.

18.13   Should ensure that Dressing Rooms are left clean and tidy after each   training/match session.

•    Should apply the playing rules in all practice/training matches.

•    Should not overlook incidences of misbehaviour.

•    Should encourage panel members to participate in Development Squad Courses.

•    Should devise a rota system to ensure that team jerseys are not the responsibility   of one person.

•    Are expected to avail of courses to upgrades their coaching knowledge, and   first aid skills.




19.1   Should uphold the general rules of the club

19.2   Should always aim to be present well before appointed times for matches and   training.

19.3   Players must be fully paid members before being permitted to participate in club   activities.

19.4   All players must give full commitment, train and play in their own age group or   grade.

19.5   If a player wishes to play, or is requested to play, in a higher age group or grade,   (e.g. Under 14 & Under 16, or junior B & junior), he must have permission to do   so.

  Permission may be granted by the coaches of his own age group/grade on request   from the coaches of the higher age group or grade.

  Such permission must be sought for every match and may be refused if a player is   not fulfilling the conditions at 4 above.

19.6   Should coaches of the higher age group or grade not fulfil the requirements   outlined at 5 above they will be required to come before a meeting of the clubs   executive committee to explain their reasons for not complying with the rule.

  Having heard the case put forward the committee will then adjourn to consider the   case.

  They may decide to exonerate the coaches or penalise them.

  Any penalty imposed will be in accordance with 5.10 of Membership Rules as per   club constitution.

19.7   Should a player wish to play for a team outside the club on a date or time that   clashes with club training or match, permission must be sought from the team   coach.

•  Players Should:-

•  Give first loyalties to Slieverue GAA Club and their own team.

•  Play fairly, do their best and have fun shake hands before and after the event, whatever the result.

•  Respect officials and accept their decisions with grace not a grudge.

  D.   Respect fellow team members; give them full support both when       they do well and when things go wrong.

  E.   Respect opponents, they are not enemies, they are partners in a       sporting event, give opponents a hand if they are injured or have       problems with equipment, accept apologies from opponents when       they are offered, be modest in victory and be gracious in defeat.

•    Show appropriate loyalty to the sport and all its participants.

•    Approach the Children's Officers with any questions or concerns   they may have.

     H.   Take good care of their playing gear and ensure that they arrive for       a match or training with their complete playing kit.

     I.   Respect and take care of club property.



  19.9   Players Should Not:-

      A.   Use physical contact except when it is allowed within the rules

    B   Bully

  ` C   Tell lies about adults or other children.

    D   Spread rumours.

    E   Keep secrets about any person who may have caused them            harm.

    F   Play ball in the Dressing Rooms

    G   Play ball against the outside walls of the Dressing Rooms.







  20.1    A warning should be given if a rule is broken, e.g. poor conduct.

  20.2   A sanction (for example, use of time out during training) should be       applied if a rule is broken for a second time.

  20.3   If a rule is broken three or more times, the player should be spoken to, and     if necessary, the parents/guardians should be informed.

    If the offences continue the coach can request that the player be suspended     from training & matches for a defined period.








  21.1   Always encourage and support your child in their sport

  21.2   Be familiar with those mentors who are coaching your child

  21.3   Behave responsibly on the sideline

  21.4   Bring children to and from training on time

  21.5   Encourage your child to play by the rules

  21.6   Ensure your child has the proper training/playing gear and water

  21.7   Support the coaches and help out wherever necessary

  21.8   Ensure that your child is registered and paid-up

  21.9   Respect the coaches' decisions and encourage your children to do the       same

  21.10   Show your support for your child/team by attending matches on a regular       basis and assisting in the organisation of club activities.

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